WSU, PNNL Strengthen Research Ties to Shape the Future

Washington State University and the U.S. Department of Energy's Pacific Northwest National Laboratory have a long history of collaborating on research projects as well as providing hands-on educational experiences that lead to career opportunities. In addition, more than 800 WSU alumni work at PNNL as scientists, engineers, and other professionals.

In 2018, WSU and PNNL accelerated this collaboration, expanding research and educational and training programs. They have formed three joint institutes to advance science and technology in areas that are critical for the nation and Northwest: Nuclear Science and Technology, Advanced Grid, and Bioproducts. See the news release, program, video, and photos from the April 3, 2018 launch celebration.

These collaborations are designed to:

  • Combine the unique talents and resources of WSU and PNNL to address important scientific and technological challenges
  • Elevate the quality and impact of research at both partner organizations, through seamless collaborations on multi-disciplinary projects and use of unique facilities and instrumentation at both institutions
  • Educate and train the next generation of scientists and engineers in the relevant research disciplines
  • Serve as a beacon for new talent in those fields
  • Create and support an ecosystem of industrial, government and university participants who will benefit from the tools, technologies, and discoveries that result from the Institutes.

Contact Us

Nuclear Science and Technology
WSU: Aurora Clark
PNNL: Neil Henson
Advanced Grid
WSU: Anjan Bose
PNNL: Jeff Dagle
WSU: Michael Wolcott
PNNL: John Holladay
Copper Nuggets

Nuclear Science and Technology

Mission: Understand and control how materials evolve in radiation environments—to prevent the use of illicit nuclear materials, resolve issues in nuclear waste management, and advance next-generation nuclear energy.


Advanced Grid

Mission: Create and implement a national-scale simulation platform and data framework to enable advanced grid controls and operations for complex power systems of the future.

Wood and Leaf


Mission: Leverage cutting edge science, engineering, and analysis to transform engineered plants and industrial, agricultural and municipal waste into valuable materials and chemicals, and develop a pipeline of talent to meet future workforce needs.