The WSU-PNNL Nuclear
Science and Technology Institute

The WSU-PNNL Nuclear Science and Technology Institute is a joint research collaboration of Washington State University and the U.S. Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

Our mission: Understand and control how materials evolve in radiation environments—to prevent the use of illicit nuclear materials, resolve issues in nuclear waste management, and advance next-generation nuclear energy.

Our vision: To be a recognized leader in education, multidisciplinary research, and innovation in nuclear science and technology; and to strengthen the regional workforce and attract top scientific talent to the Northwest.

Nuclear Forensics closeup

What's New

WSU and PNNL launched the Nuclear Science and Technology Institute on April 3, 2018, at WSU's Tri-Cities campus in Richland, Washington, along with two other WSU-PNNL institutes. See the news release, program, video, and photos.

Caution signs for Underground Radioactive Material Area


The Institute combines WSU and PNNL's mutual expertise and world-renowned reputations in nuclear science research in our complementary specialized nuclear facilities, with a focus on education and investments in people and innovation.



The WSU-PNNL Nuclear Science and Technology Institute offers researchers and students access to some of the world's most advanced analytical and characterization instrumentation integrated with state-of-the art computational facilities. The Institute also enables participants to study radiation-induced processes across length and time-scales, as well as the opportunity to collaborate with nationally recognized experts in nuclear science and engineering.

WSU Operators/Technicians


For additional information on the WSU-PNNL Nuclear Science and Technology Institute, please email Aurora Clark or Neil Henson.

Mailing address:

WSU-PNNL Nuclear Science and Technology Institute
P.O. Box 644630
Pullman, WA 99164